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That seemed the best way to go about seducing the girl without being too overt. As it turned out, there was a better way. The girls went into the front room. Barbara sat in an armchair, carefully keeping her thighs together, very much aware of the fact that she was not wearing anything under her short skirt. Melanie went to the kitchen to make coffee.

And the Dalmatian stood up, snout quivering. Although the Dalmatian had never fucked a girl before that morning, he was a bright dog and a fast learner, and Melanie had taught him well. Now the handsome spotted dog had gotten another scent of hot human pussy. It was only logical that he should suppose that his services were being called upon again.

He moved towards Barbara. Barbara, who had never even dreamed of fucking with a dog, had no idea what instincts were motivating the Dalmatian. She was fond of animals and reached out to stroke his head. What a nice doggy," she said.

The dog placed his head in her lap and she stroked his ears. Then he pushed his snout under the hem of her short skirt and his wet tongue lapped at her bare pussy. Oh! Bad dog!" she said. She pushed his head away. The Dalmatian gave her a puzzled look and slid his muzzle back into her crotch. Barbara was embarrassed, at first. But as his long, hot tongue rasped up her pussy, she gave a little shudder. It felt lovely! She was ashamed of herself, but she had to admit it.

In fact, she wished that Melanie were not in the apartment, because she would have liked to open her legs wide and let the Dalmatian tongue her pussy until she screamed! Her legs were still together and the brute was jamming his snout into the tight vee, his tongue wedging in. Glancing down, she saw that the dog's prick was getting hard. The fat prick began to throb. Melanie halted in surprise, then grinned. The Dalmatian was merrily lapping away on the blonde's pussy and the blonde was looking very happy about it. Melanie saw that Barbara was not wearing any panties.

A good sign, thought the girl. Maybe she came over here with the same idea in mind that I had when I invited her! Melanie felt a bit envious of the Dalmatian. She wanted to tongue that juicy pussy, herself. Barbara was trembling, both at the sight of the hardening cock and at the lovely sensation of the brute's slurping tongue. She glanced towards the door again. Finding Melanie standing there, watching them, Barbara gave a gasp and blushed bright red. She grabbed the dog's head and pushed him away from her pussy, as if she had just realized what he was doing.

The Dalmatian stood back, wagging his tail, tongue lolling out, willing to be obedient, but confused as to what was required. Melanie put the tray down and moved towards them. Melanie knew just how to seduce her now, how to make the blonde so hot that she would be willing to do anything, whether she thought that it was depraved or not. Pretending that she had not noticed Barbara's pleasure, Melanie said: "Oh, I'm so sorry.

He's such a naughty doggy." She laughed slightly, nervously. Yes. He does that to me sometimes," Melanie said. Barbara wondered if Melanie stopped him or let the beast tongue her to a climax. Was that why the Dalmatian had gone straight for her pussy? Had Melanie trained him to lap pussy? How embarrassing," Barbara said. Yes, especially since I'd have to take care of it." I beg your pardon?" Barbara asked. Oh, I don't really mind doing it," Melanie said.

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