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Because the next thing he knew, she was rotating her hips and grinding on them, as he worked them up into her, slow at first but getting faster and faster. Wetting them, getting them ready. All at once he eased both of them out of her and her eyes opened, as he moved them down and she let out a whimper, " Nooo." But it was already to late because he had already found " It " and was easing the first one up into her.

She was whimpering and squirming all around, trying to keep him from getting it up into her. But he was to horny now and wouldn't be denied, as his black finger tip followed her little pink asshole and pushed up into it, until his whole finger was up inside of her, joining the other one and he could feel her little asshole, going into spasm around them. Holding her there, waiting for her to " Get used " to it.

Her eyes were still open and it was like she was pleading with him, not to hurt her but nothing was coming out. As he eased the 3rd finger up into her, joining the other 2 , stretching her little pink asshole, even wider. Watching her, as his 3 boney fingers held her little asshole open. Looking for signs that she wanted him to stop but he didn't see them. He watched her eyes getting wider and wider, as he started to ease them in and out of her slowly.

Stretching her little asshole and then feeling it closing back down, clutching on them, like it didn't want them to leave it. It didn't take long, easing them in and out of her, before her eyes started to cross and he looked at her and said, " Oh fuck, you like it baby, don't you?" And all she could do was whimper and moan.

She was to embarrassed, to tell him. Bending over and kissing first one nipple and then the other, he slowly eased his fingers out of her and coaxed her to turn over, onto her hands and knees, in front of him. Just seeing her pretty white ass bending over like that waiting for him, was enough to make any man cum but he pushed the thought out of his mind, as he reached under and played with her little titties, which were now hanging down below her.

Even though they were tiny, compared to the other women, that he had had, they were still titties and needed some attention. Even though he had an old buick and it was big, in the backseat, it was still not that easy getting up behind her. But looking at that pretty white ass, sticking up, drew him to it and he raised his hand and spit into it, as quietly as he could.

Then smeared at all over, his long thick boner. Placing it against her little asshole and gently pushing against it. Feeling it stretching, hearing her screaming, " Nooo, Nooo, it's to big." Stretching but not enough to let him in, so he pushed alittle harder. Making her cry out in pain and then easing back from it. She was whimpering and crying and saying, " No, No, I've changed my mind." Begging him to stop but it was to late now and he couldn't. He had his huge black hands, on her tiny waist, pulling back gently, on her pretty rearend.

Wanting to ram it up into her but knowing, that that would ruin it, for both of them. So he didn't do it. " Give it up baby, give it up." Easing the pressure against it, until he could feel her relaxing again and pushing back against it, only harder. Noooooooooooooooo... agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Screaming, " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," as the big head squeezed up into her and held her little asshole open, sending it into spasm, as she screamed and tried to get away. But there was nowhere for her to go, as he kept the big head on the end of it, up inside of her and waited for the little moan. When their little asshole finally gives in to, the idea that it's going to be fucked and relaxes, so that it can happen. He knew that he should let her go but the " Need " to " Fuck her " far out weighed his being a good guy.

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