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It felt so good. DAMN! I gave in and put my arms around him. He kissed my lips fully and I reciprocated. He put his hands on my bare buttocks and while we kissed he squeezed my butt cheeks. Mmmmmmmmmmm. It felt so good! Wow. I felt all charged up.

I could sense my pussy wetting. My wetness was rubbing against his hard rod. He moved his hand up and brought it forward and cupped my full breasts. Wow! He pinched my nipples. I gasped. He pulled it and wow it felt so wonderful. He quickly took off my top and threw it away and looked at my tits. They were a perfect round with light brown rock hard nipples in the center. He pushed me on the bed and came on top of me. He put my left nipple in his warm mouth and sucked it.

He played with my right nipple using his hand. He alternated this from one tit to another. WOW! His warm mouth felt so good on my nipples! He moved downward tracing a line with his tongue. He reached my stomach and licked it all over. He licked my belly button and that really turned me on. I tried to push his head towards my pussy. But he was taking his own time. I looked down and I could see my tits and stomach shining with his saliva. It looked wonderful. Finally he reached my pussy and planted a kiss on the top of it.

I shivered. I parted my legs to give him a good look inside. HE started licking and eating my pussy. He co shoot!" Melanie rasped. Oooooh," purred Barbara eagerly. Suddenly the dog's haunches bucked and a ,huge jet of quicksilvery jism hosed from the head of his prick. Cum flew out between his front legs and skimmed up the inside of Barbara's thigh and splashed right into her sodden crotch. Barbara wailed with the thrill.

It was the first time she had ever had cum on her pussy. The blonde had thrown her legs wide apart now, welcoming that hosing. A last trickle of cum dripped out. The dog's balls were emptied. Melanie took a handkerchief out and carefully mopped the head of the dog's cock. She looked at Barbara.

Let me clean you up," said Melanie. She moved over to Barbara, on her knees. Melanie began to wipe the sticky, slippery stuff up with the handkerchief. Her hands moved on Barbara's pussy. Barbara sighed. Melanie seemed to be polishing her clit more than necessary. The handkerchief dropped out of Melanie's grip. I searched all around for it. Finally, why was the remote under the coffee table? I sat down and turned the television on. Seconds later I was interrupted.

Oh crap. I just started registering what I had been saying the past couple of minutes. She was twelve, I was just doing what Camryn said; Camryn would know her own sister more than me. She walked into my view completely naked. Camryn would really hate me if I failed to make this right. I could see the betrayal I sowed in her face. I think she figured me out.

I had to play it cool now. One wrong move and she could flip. Slowly and shyly, I stripped down into the nude. Corey watched the whole show with buggy eyes. I laid down on her bed just as she eagerly climbed on top of me. She began tossing my limp appendage around with her tongue and sucking at it. No more than thirty seconds later, her little head had risen a few inches from my hips with my fully erect cock lodged inside her mouth.

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